• About us

    Founded by a mama, Cubba Bubba is a proudly Canadian, BIPOC-owned business. Our mission is to support you, first-time parents as well as nth timers, in your baby-raising journey.

    We care about you and your babies. We also care about your daily routine and we'd like nothing more than to make it just a little easier and a little more fun. That's why we strive to bring you innovative, easy-to-use wearable breast pumps that take some of the exhaustion out of the equation. Our breast pumps are designed by a team of experienced (and really smart) engineers and are manufactured in a facility under stringent quality control...because we know you deserve the best. Our products have passed rigorous testing, which makes Cubba Bubba the only Canadian brand of wearables that has earned the Medical Device Establishment License by Health Canada. Learn more about this here.

    In the true Canadian spirit, we vehemently believe in kindness, fairness, inclusion, and diversity, which serve as foundations to our approach to customer support. You are at the forefront of everything we do.

    We're here, strapped in right next to you on this magical ride called parenting. Thank you for bringing us along!