Find Your Size

Choose the right breast shield size/flange insert for your nipple!
The right-sized breast shields/flange inserts ensure that pumping is always comfortable and efficient, while the wrong flange can lead to sore nipples, painful pumping, and insufficient emptying of the breast. This is true for any breast pump, not just our Suprema Wearable.
But fret not! You can find the size that's right for you by using a simple measuring technique.
Start by first stimulating your nipple so that it perks up, and then measure your nipple diameter (as the image below demonstrates). Once you have your measurement, just map it to the size chart below. That's it, you're all set to shop the Suprema!
When purchasing the Suprema, you can choose between a 24mm and a 27mm breast shield. If you need a size smaller than 24mm, you can add flange inserts to your purchase for 50% off (discount applied at checkout).



Nipple diameter up to 10mm: Use 13mm flange insert with your 24mm Suprema pump.
Nipple diameter 11mm to 12mm: Use 15mm flange with your 24mm Suprema pump.
Nipple diameter 13mm to 14mm: Use 17mm flange with your 24mm Suprema pump.
Nipple diameter 15mm to 16mm: Use 19mm flange with your 24mm Suprema pump.
Nipple diameter 17mm to 18mm: Use 21mm flange with your 24mm Suprema pump.
Nipple diameter 19mm to 21mm: Use 24mm breast shield (select when purchasing pump).
Nipple diameter 22mm to 25mm: Use 27mm breast shield (select when purchasing pump).