How do I know which flange size I need?
You can find your best fit by measuring your nipple diameter and mapping it to this size chart:

Nipple diameter up to 10mm: Use 13mm flange.

Nipple diameter 11mm to 12mm: Use 15mm flange.

Nipple diameter 13mm to 14mm: Use 17mm flange.

Nipple diameter 15mm to 16mm: Use 19mm flange.

Nipple diameter 17mm to 18mm: Use 21mm flange.

Nipple diameter 19mm to 21mm: Use 24mm flange (select when purchasing pump).

Nipple diameter 22mm to 25mm: Use 27mm flange (select when purchasing pump).

Learn more here.

Why can't I use the Empress pump if I'm a size smaller than 24mm flanges?

Unlike the Suprema, the construction of the Empress unfortunately does not allow any flange inserts to be inserted into the breast shield. If you're a size smaller than 24mm, we recommend choosing the Suprema.

What is the suction strength of your pumps?

The Suprema has an expression suction range of 280 to 300mmHg.
The Empress has an expression suction range of 260 to 280mmHg.

Do I need to wear a pumping bra when using your wearable breast pumps?

Nope, you don't. You can wear either pump in a standard nursing bra that will hold it firmly against your breast. For your convenience, we include a bra-strap extender with all our wearable pumps.

Can I save on my pump with insurance?

Yes - most insurance plans in Canada and the US offer full or partial coverage for breast pumps. However, we recommend checking with your insurance provider for the precise reimbursement you can expect to receive on your breast pump. If you need an invoice for your order, reach out to us at info@cubbabubba.ca and we'll provide you with one!

Is Cubba Bubba a Canadian business?

Yes, we're a proudly Canadian company!

Do you ship outside Canada?

We currently ship only within Canada.
Shipping across the country is currently free! Please see our Shipping Policy for more info.

Still have questions?

Contact us at info@cubbabubba.ca and we'll get back to you in 1 business day.