Cubba Bubba: The Gold Standard in Wearable Breast Pumps backed by Health Canada's MDEL License

Cubba Bubba: The Gold Standard in Wearable Breast Pumps backed by Health Canada's MDEL License

Hey there, pumping pals!

If you've been on the hunt for the perfect wearable breast pump, you've probably come across Cubba Bubba. We're not just another brand on the block. We're the first and only Canadian brand of wearable breast pumps to have the Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) by Health Canada. The MDEL is not just a feather in our cap, but a testament to our commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Now, you might be wondering, "What's the big deal about this MDEL thingy?" Well, let's pump up the volume and spill the milk!

The MDEL License: More Than Just a Fancy Acronym

Did you know that breast pumps are officially categorized as medical devices in Canada? And Health Canada's Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) is like a gold star in the world of medical devices because of its high standards (even higher than the FDA!). The MDEL is also a regulatory requirement for businesses that import or sell medical devices for humans in Canada. It is a seal of approval that tells you the product is compliant with the rigorous standards set by Health Canada. This license is a guarantee that the product you are using is safe, effective, and of high quality.

Why MDEL is the Real MVP of the Medical Device Industry

  1. Safety First: The MDEL license is like a superhero cape for our breast pumps. Health Canada only grants this license after a thorough review of the device, ensuring it poses no risk to the user. So, you can pump in peace, knowing that your breast pump is as safe as a hug from your Boppy!

  2. Quality Check: The MDEL license is also a quality stamp. It's like a five-star rating from Health Canada. It means our products are made with love, care, and the highest quality standards. Plus, they've passed rigorous testing. So, you're not just getting a breast pump, you're getting a masterpiece.

  3. Regulatory Rockstar: An MDEL license means we play by the rules. We meet all the regulations and standards set by Health Canada. So, you can trust us like you trust your favourite babysitter.

Did we mention it's illegal to sell breast pumps to Canadians without the Health Canada MDEL? Now you know why some brands of breast pumps aren't available for purchase in Canada. As a matter of fact, Health Canada recently recalled a popular brand of breast pumps for not having the MDEL...yikes! Always ensure that the wearables brand you're purchasing is licensed by Health Canada. You can do so at this Health Canada link. Just enter the brand in the "Company Name" field, hit Search, and VOILA! If there are no results for the brand, you know they don't have the MDEL.

Cubba Bubba is the Breast Choice!

Choosing a breast pump is an important decision. Your pump can become a friend or a foe in your breastfeeding journey. With Cubba Bubba, you can rest assured that you're choosing a product that's not just innovative and user-friendly, but also safe and top-quality. We are proud to be a Canadian business, and we are even prouder to be the first and only Canadian brand of wearable breast pumps licensed by Health Canada. So, come on over, join the Cubba Bubba family, and let's make this breastfeeding journey a walk in the park. Or, as we like to say, a pump in the park!



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