Cubba Bubba Wearable Breast Pump

Wireless, invisible, high-performance, and licensed by Health Canada!

The Suprema wearable breast pump by Cubba Bubba is truly wireless, tubeless, hands-free, and invisible. Its compact, motor-integrated design means even your baby can hold it - that's how light it is!

What's more, Cubba Bubba is the talk of the town for being the first Canadian wearables brand licensed by Health Canada. So when you choose us, you're assured the best quality and the safest safety. Read more about why the Health Canada license matters here.

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The Suprema: A Wearable Wonder

Learn more about the Suprema pump

Learn more about the Suprema pump

The Suprema is our most advanced, high-performing wearable pump with 300 mmHg... 

The Cubba Bubba Warranty

All our breast pumps come with a year's warranty on the pump motor. This means that if your motor malfunctions within a year from your date of delivery, we'll send you a new pump motor!

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Need pump accessories? We've got you covered.

(Psst...get 50% off on flange inserts when you buy the Suprema pump!)

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The right-sized breast shields/flange inserts ensure that pumping is always comfortable and efficient, while the wrong flange can lead to sore nipples, painful pumping, and insufficient emptying of the breast. This is true for any breast pump, not just our Suprema Wearable. But fret not! You can find the size that's right for you by using a simple measuring technique

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PSA: Protect yourself from recalls

Did you know it's illegal to sell breast pumps to Canadians without the Health Canada medical license? The medical license ensures your pump is safe, effective, and high quality. If you're considering purchasing a breast pump from a global brand, check if it is licensed by Health Canada at this link. If it's not, it may get recalled by Health Canada anytime.

Cubba Bubba is the first and only Canadian brand of wearables licensed by Health Canada.

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We are Cubba Bubba - Canada's first and best brand of wearable breast pumps

Founded by a mama, Cubba Bubba is a proudly Canadian, BIPOC-owned business. Our mission is to support you, first-time parents as well as nth timers, in your baby-raising journey.

We strive to bring you innovative, easy-to-use wearable breast pumps that take some of the exhaustion out of the equation. Our breast pumps are designed by a team of experienced (and really smart) engineers and are manufactured in a facility under stringent quality control...because we know you deserve the best.

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