Cubba Bubba Wearable Breast Pumps

Gone are the days of being tied to your pump (literally)!

Cubba Bubba wearable breast pumps are truly wireless, tubeless, hands-free and invisible. Their compact, motor-integrated design means even your baby can hold them - that's how light they are! Choose between two models - the Suprema and the Empress.

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Thank you for showering our wearables with overwhelming love! We're ecstatic that we're sold out but we're working hard on re-stocking the pumps, adding new features, and obtaining new certifications. If you'd like to be notified when they're back in stock, please sign up for our newsletter.

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Wearable wonders

Learn more about the Suprema pump

Learn more about the Suprema pump

The Suprema is our most advanced, high-performing wearable pump with 300 mmHg... 

Learn more about the Empress pump

Learn more about the Empress pump

Our most elegant-looking pump, the Empress, is a simple wearable breast pump... 

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Can't decide which Cubba Bubba wearable breast pump to get? Click here to see a comparison between the two.

The Suprema vs the Empress

Description Advanced model with strong suction  Straightforward model with an elegant design
Current price
155 CAD for 1
280 CAD for 2
95 CAD for 1
170 CAD for 2
Ergonomic curve
Ergonomic arc
12.2x11x6.8 cm
13.5x11x6.5 cm
Net weight
Suction levels
LED display for mode/level/time
Breast shield size
24mm, 27mm
24mm, 27mm
Compatibility with 17/19/21mm flange inserts
Not compatible
Collector capacity
Suction range
280 to 300 mmHg
260 to 280 mmHg
Auto shut-off
20 mins
25 mins
Charging time
~2.5 hours
~2.5 to 3 hours
Usage per charge
~90 mins
~90 mins

The Cubba Bubba Warranty

All our breast pumps come with a year's warranty on the pump motor. This means that if your motor malfunctions within a year from your date of delivery, we'll send you a new pump motor!

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We are Cubba Bubba - Canada's first and best brand of wearable breast pumps

Founded by a mama, Cubba Bubba is a proudly Canadian, BIPOC-owned business. Our mission is to support you, first-time parents as well as nth timers, in your baby-raising journey.

We strive to bring you innovative, easy-to-use wearable breast pumps that take some of the exhaustion out of the equation. Our breast pumps are designed by a team of experienced (and really smart) engineers and are manufactured in a facility under stringent quality control...because we know you deserve the best.

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